How to push Staging website to Live using WordPress Toolkit (Copy Data)

WordPress Toolkit is a great tool to manage your WordPress websites. In a previous article, we covered how to create a staging website using this tool to help with development and uptime of your website.

In this article, we'll continue the conversation and see how we can push the Staging website to Live, or otherwise copy data from one WordPress website to another.

Time to get into it.

Log in to cPanel using the link in the Client Area, or directly in cPanel by using your username and password.

Once you're in the cPanel, search for WordPress Toolkit and click on the result.

cpanel search wordpress toolkit 1
cPanel Search WordPress Toolkit

To copy data from one website to another, it is required that you have at least two WordPress installations. If you do not have a second WordPress install, go ahead and create one using this guide, so you can test this feature.

Expand the website you want to copy data from, and then click the "Copy Data" button.

wordpress toolkit copy data
WordPress Toolkit Copy Data Button

A side window will open up offering all the available options for copying data from one website to another.

wordrpress toolkit copy data options
WordPress Toolkit Copy Data Options

Let's quickly go over the options available here:

  • Target — The WordPress website you'd like to copy the data to
  • Data to Copy — The data that should be copied
  • Database Tables — The database tables you want to copy
    • Make sure to deselect the "Except" checkbox if you want to copy users and posts
  • Restore — This will create a restore point at the target website, so you can roll back the change if something goes wrong
    • We recommend leaving this checked

Optionally, you can also create a full backup of your website before starting the copy data process.

Then click "Start" and the progress will appear at the bottom. Keep in even if you close the WordPress Toolkit and log out of cPanel, the process will not be interrupted. Larger websites take more time to copy.

wordpress toolkit copy data progress
WordPress Toolkit Copy Data Progress

Once the process is completed, you'll have successfully copied the data from one website to another, or pushed the changes from Staging to your Live website.

Final thoughts

Having a staging environment is critical to making sure your website is always available and reachable, even when you're making changes. Your customers need to be able to reach you, or you would be losing revenue.

The process you've learned today, in combination with our previous article on creating a staging website will help you achieve this.

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