How to enable PHP-FPM on your cPanel or WordPress hosting

It's no secret that most dynamic websites today run on PHP which means that on each page load the server needs to load a PHP process and process the PHP file to return a web page readable by the browser. PHP-FPM can help speed up this process and serve more users for your WordPress or other php-based website.

In our configuration, we use LSPHP which uses a special API unrelated to mod_php or CGI, and this is the fastest method of processing PHP at the moment, apart from php-fpm.

However, on our ea-php versions we automatically enable php-fpm which gives you an even higher speed boost and allows you to handle even more PHP requests. This technology is faster as it does not have to launch a new process on a new page visit, but keeps php-fpm pools active for a period of time before they are killed, it can also launch and keep more pools running as more requests are received by the server.

How to enable PHP-FPM

This feature is automatically enabled on WordPress and cPanel hosting, however, if you switch to a version prefixed with alt-php, you will lose the php-fpm functionality. This is because alt-php does not support PHP-FPM.

We still do not have an option that will allow you to enable php-fpm from cPanel, so to enable it you need to switch to ea-php and then contact support so we can enable it from our side.

When we enable it, your website will return a 404 error for a few seconds, and then it will be fully switched to php-fpm and receive all the benefits related to it.

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